The FC Diegues Group

Francisco C. Diegues Company was built in January 1994, with a dues social structure. In 2009, attending the markets needs and in a worldwide expansion context, we had the need to create a more adjustable management model, turning the trade name to Francisco C. Diegues – Sociedade Eletrotécnica, S.A.

We’re an engineering company that works in the mechanical and electrical installations area, in the industrial field, construction, infrastructure and public works, performing in the Portuguese, Algerian, Moroccan, and Guinea-Equatorial market.

We always bound by quality, competitiveness, trust and the optimization of human capital,
one of the most important assets of our company.



Board of Administration

Guine Equatorial
Reino de Marrocos

Administrative and Financial Dep.

Commercial Dep.

Quality Dep.

Supply Dep.

Production Dep.

Warehouse Central Shipyard

Direction of Work


In the world



Increase the business volume in the national and international market in a consolidated, efficient and effective way, generating wealth and satisfaction to those who believe in our project.
Insure a professional management, guided by accuracy, devoted to the customer satisfaction, and at the same time adding value and focusing on the wellbeing of our employees.

Business Vision

We intent to be a reference in the mechanical and electrical installations market, in the several countries where we perform, always regarding high quality, innovation and efficiency in all services we provide.


Integrity and honesty, keeping our commitment and fullfilling all contracts we stand for;
Commitment with customers and partners;
Critical and constructive attitude as a focus to improve our services;
Capability and power to honor and achieve big challenges;
Reliability and accuracy on every production phases;
Sustainability, always respecting the environment and the sustainable development of the society.



With more than 25 years, Francisco C. Diegues Sociedade Electrotécnica SA, is the outcome of the effort and dedication of all employees, opportunities and trust given by customers and with collaboration and help of our suppliers.

We are the sum of each and every one of these in players. Without you, it would not be possible to achieve the level of confidence, recognition, and professional competence that we enjoy in the business and corporate world.

We’re not a large company, but surely we’re a company that does great works with big achievements.

With you I feel proud of the past, calm and joy filled regarding the present, and confident in the future, relying always on your knowledge, dedication, and commitment.

I would like to express my deepest thanks

Francisco C. Diegues

The Chairman